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The best video painting from around the world

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Video Painting Partnership

The Video Painting Partnership presents a portfolio of video art and short creative films from some of the best filmmakers from around the world.

A recent initiative from Contemporary Art Holdings, the Video Painting Partnership introduces a new element of creativity into the working environment.

With over 25 years experience in corporate art, Contemporary Art Holdings is leading the way with this innovative and creative project.

How it works

  • Use existing plasma screens to show Video Painting and short films in offices, commercial centres, hotels, health centres, hospitals and public environments, providing staff and visitors with a new visual experience.
  • Select from a varied portfolio of Video Painting and creative films covering a broad range of themes. Each film is between four and eight minutes duration.
  • Programme the films to run at specific times in different areas within the same location.
  • Change the films on a monthly basis, maintaining a constant level of interest for staff and visitors.
  • View a selection of films here
Samples from the portfolio

Air and Water by Thomas Porett

Symmetrica by Paul Windridge

Take a look at our portfolio
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